Anonymous, 2014

Webcam portraits with anonymous text

Original artist statement:

"Since I first started having an online presence around age thirteen, I’ve been receiving anonymous harassment. Women, especially young women, receive an astonishingly disproportionate amount of harassment online ranging from comments on appearance to threats of rape and violence. In this series, I attempt to explore this issue by contrasting some of the malicious comments I’ve received with self-portraits. The portraits, or “selfies”, are recreations of the original images that the harassing comments were addressing. With this simple gesture, I intend to demonstrate the cruelness of the comments while exposing and examining this phenomenon. "

After posting this project on my tumblr blog, the response was overwhelming. It received over 100,000 notes and was then written about by BuzzFeedGood Morning AmericaHuffington Post , The Daily Mail, The Baltimore SunGlamourMic,  MTV act and more.

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