Lindsay Bottos (b.1992) is a Baltimore- based multidisciplinary artist working mostly in photography, video, and poetry. Known for her dreamy, nostalgic aesthetic and work about new media and the internet, Lindsay works as a fine artist, freelance photographer, prop stylist, and creative director on photo and video sets. Their work often explores themes related to identity, body image, and the representation of women in media and popular culture. In 2014, Bottos gained widespread attention for her project "Anonymous," in which she posted unsolicited comments and messages that she had received online on self-portraits. This project sparked a conversation about online harassment and the objectification of women online. Personal experience is the driving force behind their fine art work; especially interpersonal relationships and the ways that experiences are affected by the current digital age. In addition to a variety of publications including Glamour and Seventeen, Lindsay’s work has also been in galleries internationally, as well as features in various news sources, including Good Morning America, Huffington Post, and the Baltimore Sun.



-New Works: Video Art & Performance, Red Room, Baltimore, MD

- Spectrum Miami at Miami Art Basel, Miami, FL

-Evoking the Senses, Transformer, Washington, DC 
-The Necessity of Tomorrow: Virtual Salon Show, BMA + Current Space, Baltimore, MD (Link to my pieces in the show)

-New Works: Video Art & Performance, Red Room, Baltimore, MD
-Reflect: A Show by RAW, Soundstage, Baltimore MD
-Womens Work, Full Circle Gallery, Baltimore, MD

-Sweet Sweat : a Solo Show at Current Space, Baltimore, MD
-Ratscape:  Visuals for Wume, Baltimore, MD
-Mudered Word, EMP Collective, Baltimore, MD

-Platonic Intimacy, Babycastles, NYC
-Forge Art Magazine Poetry Festival, Secret Project Robot, NYC
-Providencia, Hands On Art and Substation Gallery, Brisbane, AUS

-Selected Moments : Solo Show and Book Release, Part of Alloverstreet at the Copycat, Baltimore, MD
-Myself In Objects National Portrait Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
-New Works: Video Art & Performance, Red Room, Baltimore, MD

-Gutsy ,Gallery CA, Baltimore, MD

-Social Media, A Space, Commerce, TX
-By Women, For Everyone
, Sager Braudis Gallery, Columbia, MO
-Watchmen: Surveillance and the Flaneur, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA
-Gender/Power/Space, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

-Object or Window, D-Center, Baltimore, MD
-Mind's Eye, Full Circle Gallery, Baltimore, MD
-I Don’t Really Miss You, Alchemy of Art, Baltimore, MD


BA in Photography with a Minor in Gender Studies and a Concentration in Book Arts, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), 2010-2014


Good Morning America - Artist’s Selfie Project Shines Light On Abusive Internet Comments
BuzzFeed - This Tumblr User Shows Her Horrific Anonymous Messages In a Powerful Art Project
Huffington Post - Blogger Lindsay Bottos is Using Her Internet Hater’s Own Words to Fight Back
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The Baltimore Sun - MICA Student Turns Cyber-Bullying Into Art
Glamour - How Did Social Media Get So Vicious?
Mic - This Young Artist Turns Online Bullying Towards Women Into Empowering Art
MTV act - Lindsay Bottos Fights Back Online Haters With Selfies
The Feminist Wire - Putting Down the Weight: How Social Media Makes Eating Disorders Worse?
The Le Sigh Artist Spotlight: Lindsay Bottos
Thistle Magazine: Artist Feature
Jester Jacques Gallery: Featured Work: Lindsay Bottos, I Don’t Really Miss You

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